Laparoscopic Enterocele

Enterocele Repair Surgery

The video you see here is laparoscopic repair of vaginal enterocele after a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, performed by Dr. Kurian Thott, a surgeon with Women’s Health and Surgery Center. It is believed that after the uterus is removed during a hysterectomy and the resulting absence of supporting tissues at the top of the vagina can cause enteroceles post-hysterectomy. Prior to the advancements within laparascopic surgery, enterocele repair was performed via transvaginal or open abdominal surgery.

When the intestine bulges into the upper vagina, it forms an enterocele. In order to diagnose an enterocele, a doctor may have to place a finger in the vagina and a finger in the rectum while you are standing. Women’s Health and Surgery Center physician Dr. Kurian Thott performed the first Laparoscopic Enterocele repair at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA!